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Monday, September 24, 2007

Good Advice, Bad Advice - Nicky's Experience

I have a friend in the UK named Nicky. We met in cyberspace on alt.support.diabetes and then I was privileged to meet her in person in London on my travels. Nicky is one of those who is not just trying her best to manage her diabetes but who has become active in trying to improve the situation in her own system.

Recently on a.s.d she was asked about her experiences with doctors and other patients over there. This was her reply. To see it in context it was here on alt.support.diabetes.

My doctor is adamant that I shouldn't test, and that I should base my diet on whole grains.

OTOH, I have an A1c of 5.5% (down from, I think, about 10.3% at dx), have come off all meds
(except thyroxine), and have reversed the neuropathy the doc missed at dx. The doc is quite surprised now that I don't see him very often - most of his other patients have progressed to needing insulin by this stage; the last time I needed a doc for me was last year's flu jab.

When I go to Diabetes UK meetings, I am the only one eating a low carb diet. I'm frequently the only one with a bg meter handy. Last weekend was a regional meeting where I hadn't seen some folks for a year. They looked a heck of a lot more than a year older, and two of them had got that neuropathy walk - leaning forward to see where their feet were, over their stomachs, stiff-legged from the pain. They had biscuits with their tea at breaks, and rice and a crumble pudding with their meal.

I'm 46, and if I follow my Dad's family pattern, I might make it to 100. Damned if I want to be blind or in a wheelchair for any part of that. Jennifer's advice, and the low-spike diet resulting from that, has given me a new lease of life, and improved my health enormously. I have no doubt that had I followed the doc's guidance, or that of the dietician who recommended oatmeal and bananas, I would be one of the folks who had seriously deteriorated. No, thanks.

I spend a fair bit of my time campaigning against Diabetes UK's dietary advice. However, they are handy people to know if you're fighting a battle for test strips.

T2 dx 05/04 + underactive thyroid
D&E, 100ug thyroxine
Last A1c 5.6% BMI 25

Read that sig again. It's amazing what can be achieved with the RIGHT diet and exercise. Incidentally, when we meet up again I will be agreeing with everything she says; one of her preferred exercises is Karate:-)

Cheers, Alan

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