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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lancet Change - St Swithun's Day

Today, July 15th, is St Swithun's Day.

When I first started learning about diabetes on misc.health.diabetes I discovered that most of the old-timers changed their lancets rarely. Most could not remember the last time they changed it, because they only bothered if it started to get dull or they were testing someone else.

Consequently, the practice of announcing that it was time for the annual lancet change on St Swithun's Day became traditional. Whether the change was needed or not.

So I have decided to continue the tradition.

Today is lancet-change day; even if your lancet is nearly brand new and has only been in use for a few months or a few hundred tests. I must admit I can't remember when I last changed mine.

I intend to hold a small ceremony, involving a nice glass of Shiraz, an hour after dinner before I test :-)

PS. For those who are changing their lancets every time they test, please read Painless Pricks.

Cheers, Alan

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