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Friday, February 01, 2008


G'day All

Too often we see new people in denial. And sometimes we hear from others seeking motivation.

I read an inspirational story yesterday on the ADA forum that really brings home both the best and the worst in the way people handle this disease. The thread was started by a diabetic asking for "horror stories" for negative motivation and this was one of the replies.

I asked permission to post it in other forums and was told I can "post it anywhere you want." So here is Kat's Story.

Hi allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kathy and I am both a horror story and a diabetic survivor.
Let me start with my family history. My mother was a Type 1.5 diabetic. My Father is a type 2 diabetic. My brother is a type 2 diabetic. Me --I am a type 2 We have it covered! LOL

My Mothers story

My Mom was a Type 1.5. She was born in 1938. She was diagnosed in 1957. She decided for whatever reason to ignore the diagnosis. Until she was pregnant with me in 1963. Well I was born 13 weeks premature. Spent the first 3 months of my life in Baby ICU.

My Mom controlled her disease for years and gave birth to my brother in 1965. After that she suffered 4 miscarriages and tried no more -- she tried no more for babies and she once again decided not to fight the disease. In 1970 I stood by her hospital bed as she cried about them cutting of her leg. I was 7. In 1973 she suffered a major stroke. At 10 I learned to change diapers of the shell that used to be my Mother. In 1977 2 days before Christmas a 14 year old child (me) and a 12 year old son buried their 39 year old Mother. A 37 year old husband was left to raise a teenage daughter and his son.

When I get to Heaven my first question to my Mother will be why I wasn't important enough for her to give up Twinkies?

My Fathers Story

Raising 2 children he was diagnosed in 1984. He took a different approach -he controlled the disease. He did a wonderful job raising 2 children and controlling his disease. Today he is still only on oral meds. His last A1c was5.2. He walks over 5 miles a day-oh and he is 67 years old.
He has welcomed into this world 2 grandchildren and just 4 months ago his 1st great Grandchild.

My Brothers story

Type 2 diagnosed 6 years ago. Oral meds only. Last A1c 6.9. Up from a 6.3 last time. In fact his 6.9 is his highest in the last 4 years. Has 2 great kids. A good job and is happy and as healthy as he can be.

Kathy's Story- (this is me) LOL

From the time I was 21 I had blood work done every year. Jan to be exact. Never a problem. Just keeping an eye on the Beast . Until 2007. I was too busy to go get it done. Put it off for 2 months.

March 2,2007. Can't move my right arm. Trip to the ER. The next thing I remember is waking up in the ICU at St. Luke's -3 days later. Can't move my right arm or leg. Can't speak.
Husband says " honey you had a stroke." Now you think that would be the end of Kathy. After all look at Mother's Story.

Fast forward to March 16th 2007. Dr. says Kathy you are a diabetic. Sugar at admission was 384. Got me am A1c of 15.24.

Kathy decides to follow Dad's example with this disease and not Mom's. Sometimes a girl just can't be like her Mom. She also decided to fight, fight, fight to get her life back. She was not going to have her husband changing her diapers!

Fast forward to Dec 15th 2007. Kathy A1c 6.5. She is still aiming for 6.0!

Fast forward to 1/30/2008. Kathy can talk, Kathy can walk, Kathy can use her right arm. Okay Kathy still has a couple of fingers being stubborn-but she refuses to give up on them! In fact Kathy starts a part time job next week. Not only that but she gets the nerve to finally introduce herself to the great people on the ADA board. After all she was reading you guys before she could even move her right arm.

Hi My name is LuckyKat!!!
(Stroke Survivor and Diabetes Fighter!)

And also a very courageous and inspirational lady. Thanks Kat.

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