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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Valderee, Valderah. Or, I love To Go A-wandering...

G’day Everyone

This blog is meant for all the newly diagnosed type 2’s out there who are still getting over the shock of diagnosis.

Please use the Contents list on the sidebar to access information. Start here: Getting Started

Treat this place as a smorgasbord; use what is helpful to you, ignore what isn’t. And please read the bit in Red at the head of the page before trying any of the ideas here.

If you have added a comment and are annoyed it hasn’t been approved, my apologies. I’m off on my wanders around the world for a couple of months. I’ll be placing a few trip reports on the World Travel Blog at some stage, but there will be no new entries here for a while and approvals will have to wait a while.

Cheers, Alan