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Friday, September 26, 2008

Nutrition For Blokes

Over the years since diagnosis I learned from many people. I have mentioned some here in past posts, particularly Jennifer, who wrote the Test,test,test advice, and Quentin, who is a guy in New Zealand who wrote on alt.support.diabetes with an amazing knowledge of the various foods that are good for us, which micronutrients are available in different foods and how they can help us.

Unfortunately, in 2005, Quentin had a second diagnosis some years after his type 2 was diagnosed. He has an aggressive form of multiple myeloma, a terrible condition which he has found is unaffected by diet. Despite that he is defying the odds and he is still with us, although he is very ill. My wife and I spent a pleasant afternoon and evening with him in early 2006 when we were on a holiday to the North Island. He was happiest when showing us around his small but very productive garden, describing the fruits and vegetables he was growing and what their benefits were.

After that diagnosis many of his friends urged him to write a book on nutrition. It was published earlier this year, with a very limited circulation in New Zealand; a few of us in other parts of the world also bought it direct from him. He aimed it at men in his country and titled it “Nutrition for Blokes”. I bought my own copy from Quentin as soon as it was available.

A friend of mine, Jenny Ruhl, has just let me know that Quentin’s book is now available via the web. If anyone is interested in obtaining it, here is the web-site: Nutrition for Blokes

Just for the record, I have no financial interest of any sort in Quentin or his book. However, I thoroughly recommend his book to all, not just to "blokes".

Cheers, Alan
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