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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Do Doctors Matter?

I feel this is a very important point needing emphasis for the many type 2 diabetics I know participating in diabetes web forums, social media groups and similar online support groups.

I have seen this question posed too often lately:

"Do doctors matter other than for renewing prescriptions?"

The questioner usually complains about poor support (in their eyes) from their medical advisors and praises the help and support they have received from other diabetics on the web.

I understand where they are coming from. I have seen some abysmal diagnostic, testing and dietary advice by medical professionals reported on many forums by newly diagnosed people. I have seen those same people turn their lives around using suggestions from experienced people on those forums. 

I still unequivocally believe our doctors matter and must always be our primary source of medical information. 

I have learned a great deal about type 2 diabetes over the past decade but I do not pretend to have medical qualifications even though in some specific areas, such as testing or diet for type 2, I may believe I know more than some doctors.

I know my own limitations. If and when the time comes for more medication or insulin the doctor will be the first person I consult. After I consult him I may use the web or ask questions on forums to research the meds he prescribes to decide whether or not I will choose to follow his advice. But I will always see him first. 

If your own doctor does not meet your needs it is time to find another better doctor, not to simply ignore your doctor's advice.

On the rare occasions I decide not to follow prescribed advice after doing my own research I will also let him know and discuss it further with him before acting; as I have for the statins my doctor prescribes but I choose not to take. 

The final decision deciding the action to take is mine but I would be a fool to weigh anonymous advice on the web higher than the qualified advice of my doctor without a lot of thought and discussion with him.

The web is an incredible, wonderful and very useful information source but it is not always easy to sift the wheat from the chaff nor do we always have the training or experience to do that sifting wisely. The web will never replace the ability of a good doctor to interact with and personally treat a patient.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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