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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Breakfast On The Run

Don't have time for breakfast?

Think outside the square. Don't assume cooking takes a lot of time. If you give it a try, you will find that you can turn a bacon rasher and two fresh eggs into a great breakfast via the frying pan in less than five minutes.

Consider some of these, just as examples of what you could do.


Eggs are a wonderful breakfast food. Not only are they full of goodness if you eat the whole egg, but they can be very, very quick to cook. Use free range eggs if that is possible and if cholesterol worries you, read this: Eggs, Carbs and Cholesterol

Instant scrambled eggs.

Break an egg into a mug or cup, add a slosh of milk, season to taste, beat lightly with a fork and microwave for 60 seconds on high. Check, stir, repeat in 15 second bursts if necessary (time varies because microwave powers vary). After the first time you will know how long to set it.

Save on washing up time - eat direct from the mug with the fork you used to stir it.

If you want to get fancy, a little chopped parsley added before cooking is good. If one egg isn't enough - use two or use duck eggs.


Put your skillet on moderate heat. Break two eggs into a bowl, add a splash (about a tablespoonful or less) of water, whisk briefly with a fork, add oil to the skillet and pour in the egg mix. Use the same fork to gently move the liquid from the edges to the centre and vice-versa and as soon as it is not quite set fold it over and serve it. The whole process should take less than five minutes from opening the pantry door to sitting down to eat.

If you have the time add extras like chopped herbs, or grated cheese, or sautéed veges. All those can be pre-prepared the night before to save time.


Make up a large batch of your favourite casserole. Choose one (or more) that is high in protein and reasonably low in carbs, so that an individual breakfast-sized serve won't spike your blood glucose levels. When it is cooled after cooking store individual serves in appropriate containers in your freezer.

For a quick breakfast grab a serve from the freezer, decant it into a bowl and re-heat it in the microwave while you have your morning shower.

Try a few ideas of your own; far tastier and healthier than expensive "shakes".

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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Robert K said...

Alan, Now I know why I enjoy reading your writings so much. Where else am I going to learn good cooking - a slosh of milk - and I use a couple of tablespoons or about a quarter of a cup of milk or more depending on the number of eggs and how many people I am cooking for. I like to add finely diced green and red peppers plus finely chopped cilantro to my omelets or scrambled eggs.

And I am very encouraged to see you say entire egg. Even though I have cholesterol problems, my eggs do not seem to affect it at all. Plus I would not miss the other valuable nutrients in an entire egg. I will admit that free range eggs are best, but only if properly candled. Too many here are not and will contain small fetuses and blood spots. Yet they are sold as free range or organic free range. It also depends on where the eggs are purchased.

jh said...

Great post. Sometimes I will go so far as to cut my veggies and make a scramble mix the night before so all I have to do is quickly cook it. Eggs keep you full so much longer than anything else. Thanks.

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