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Monday, June 29, 2009


This is a request for feed-back from any readers, past or present, here or on various diabetes forums, who believe that reading my ideas may have helped you.

I don't intend to make requests like this often, this is the first and only. But at this time some testimonials could be rather useful for me.

I started this blog just under three years ago. It grew from a need to find a way to archive some of the responses I was making on the ADA forum and other less active forums. I needed a way to be able to refer newly diagnosed people to some basic ideas. I found I was repeatedly typing much the same suggestions each day to each new person. As a two-finger typist that was getting to be a bit of a chore. Using the blog I could change that to a brief greeting and "please read Getting Started". Yeah, I know, I'm just lazy. But it worked and it let me write to many more people.

Slowly, it grew. I added the contents index on the side-bar because this blog is not just an occasional collection of my thoughts and opinions but also a reference source for myself and others who choose to use it that way. I recently added site-meter and was quite surprised to find that the blog is averaging 4000 different visitors a month, with 10,000 page views. One in four are repeat visitors; although the majority are from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand visitors have come from over 60 countries.

A number of people suggested that I should collect some of these ideas in a book intended for type 2 diabetics who do not have web access or who are uncomfortable with using the internet. I started drafting that book last Christmas, but I have found it a slow process because it is a new experience for me. This blog is the only form of published writing I have ever done; I find I am continually revising the presentation and content of the book.

However, I expect to finish it within a couple of months. Then I will need to decide whether to seek a publisher or to self-publish; another field in which I am a babe in the woods. But I can learn.

It could help a great deal if I can present a publisher with a few testimonials from past readers, or, if I self-publish, I could include those testimonials in the opening pages.

If you decide to post a comment, be aware that I will presume that in posting you are giving permission to include that comment, or a section from it, in the appropriate section of the book. I will be contacting those who have sent private emails in the past to seek their permission.

Thanks in advance,

Cheers, Alan

Everything in Moderation - Except Laughter.


Margie's Musings said...

Alan, you have been an invaluable resource for my husband, Bob, who was diagnosed with type two last fall. We were completely ignorant about diabetes. There had never been any in either of our families and my husband is not obese and never has been. Your suggestions have been his best and easiest to access resource.

I am still exploring the idea that most of this diabetes is caused by the use of high fructose corn syrup in everything we eat.

I am presently reading a book called "The End of Overeating. Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite" by David A. Kessler, MD. He says the food industry is saturating everything we eat in any restaurant with salt, fat, and sugar and that is what is making Americans fat.

You should read the book. It has become an instant best seller. Evidently everyone is looking for answers.

Pattidevans said...

I am one of the founders of Diabetes-support.org.uk forum and find Alan's site a never endingly useful place to point newly diagnosed diabetics where they can find excellent advice, tips for eating and other very down to earth and common sense information on diabetes. We use it as one of the resources to tack onto our own website. He has excellent knowledge of the condtion and is an expert on T2 not to mention cholesterol issues. A book would be a really useful resource for the newly diagnosed.

Pubsgal said...

Hi Alan,

Yes, your site has been an excellent resource for me. I found your article on painless blood glucose monitor testing especially useful!

By applying what I've read here and on Jenny Ruhl's Blood Glucose 101 site, I've gotten my a1c down to 5.3% (from 9.5% a year ago) and am feeling better than ever!

Julianne Pohl

Trinkwasser said...

I also have been using Alan's site as a primary source for newbies in the various newsgroups and forums I inhabit.

It makes an easy to read and easy to use antidote to the often woeful "official" advice.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading Alan's work on the web for more than 5 years and have been reading his blog in particular since it was started. Alan had over the years become very knowledgeable about all aspects of type 2 diabetes in particular, with a reasonable knowledge of type 1.

His writing is well-researched, clear and written in a personal style that makes it easily understandable and allows people to relate the subject to their own situation.

Alan has helped hundreds of type 2 diabetics all over the world, some of whom he's not even aware of. His blog is used as a reference point for many, quoting his links as a way of putting forward information or simply as a way of refreshing our memories.

There are other sites which have put forward the same information, but its the style which makes Alan's work stand out. Rather than talk down to the reader, Alan's personal viewpoint and experience come across as a "real" person who has experienced these things and worked to understand them for himself.

I don't hesitate to recommend his writing to any diabetic (although if he is on the same forum, I wait for him to post links instead ;) )

Neil said...


Your blog and contributions to the ADA forum inspired me to start researching diabetes and become both an advocate for my health and after seeing the results I got following your suggestions I have gotten active spreading the message. If only the CDE's would read what you have written, it would save toes!

If you need someone to proofread your book I am willing to help in any way you need.


Good Luck on writing the book!

TerryG said...

I can't wait for Alan's book. As someone involved with UK diabetes forums I know first-hand that good sensible unpatronising down-to-earth peer advice is invaluable. It is no understatement to say it saves lives.

T2s face much conflicting and confusing information. Newly diagnosed or long-standing, many follow generalised medical guidance in hope and expectation and end up despairing at their lack of control. The sense of isolation doesn't help. Often the catalyst to very significant improvement is the availability of peer experience.

To this end I regularly recommended Alan's excellent blogs as a prime source of information, hope and inspiration. Based on extensive research, but delivered in an accessible non-judgemental way, they are a world-class resource. Little wonder, then, that Alan is trusted and admired across the globe.

As a book it would certainly rank among the top-three "must-have" works I'd suggest to any T2. As far as I'm concerned, it can't arrive soon enough for the benefit of many many more diabetics.

Anonymous said...


When I was first diagnosed as a Type 2, your site was one of the first I found. For me it was the first time I felt as though I had a "friend" to walk me through the first shock of diagnosis and then getting on with living in a positive manner. You have a real talent in distilling information and also conveying a upbeat "take control of your life" attitude. I would suspect you have no idea how many people you have helped.

Keep the Blog up and write the book !

Best, Bob Miller.

gail said...

Hello Alan
Yes! Definitely continue blogging. I have many blogs in my reader as I'm sure you do but yours wasn't one of them, at least not until today. I was looking for something to explore on the computer and opened my diabetes related folder. There it was, "Alan's diabetes website." I had put it into the favorites probably a year and a half ago with few visits since. The reason for this is I check the ADA message boards and you are a frequent and valued contributor there. I thought I was getting enough of Alan.
So what prompted me to pay this visit today? It was the very fact that you are a valued resource for all matters related to diabetes and I enjoy reading blogs. I thought I would learn something today and I did. I got a real chuckle out of the St Swithun's Day Lancet Change. Yes, I too am one of those "when it starts to hurt I'll change it" types.
I also have enjoyed your travel notes and the posts related to tight control of D.
So keep it up Alan. Blogging is only going to become more popular and you have it mastered already.

Anonymous said...

Alan, your's was one of the very first greetings I received at the ADA website about three years ago when I was officially diagnosed as "Diabetic" and turned out into the big, confusing world without enough guidance. Your blog was warm and humorous and EXTREMELY helpful. You addressed the basic issues in a straightforward way. I have learned so very much under your teaching.

As you helped me understand, diabetes is a personal disease and what works for one person may not work for another. Your steady guiding back to "test, adjust, test" has been invaluable. I read your posts on the ADA forum and marvel at the amount of time and effort you (and many others) donate to help us "newbies" find our way.

I think your blog published in book form would have wide appeal and help even more people. Go for it - it would be excellent!!

Elisse Meier

Penny in IL said...

Alan, your blog and precise instructions to me on the ADA board have been the basis for my trip to controlling my BG. Your forthright feedback has served me well and I wish that all the forums had a link to your blog. Many misconceptions I read on forums could be corrected!

My sincere thanks for your sharing spirit :-)


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Alan, for your wonderfully readable, and very useful, tips for traveling with diabetes. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about four months ago. I have been deep into learning to live with the diabetes but was afraid my global nomad days were over because it would just be too complicated. You've given me hope, and concrete tips, for resuming travel both by car and by air. I will definitely be following your blog in the future. Travel on!

Anonymous said...

Alan you have helped me understand how to deal with diabetes. I have some questions because my management team said my blood sugar goals should be <120 before a meal; <180 2 hrs after a meal; <140 at bedtime. Is it too high or is it right? Ann

Alan said...

Hello Ann

I am afraid that those targets appear a little high to me. You will see more detailed comments on blood glucose targets in these two posts:

Blood Glucose Targets

Test, test, test

Cheers, Alan

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alan, I thought they were high too. I don't understand what is happening to me because I can eat the same thing two different days and one day will test at 114 after an hour of a meal with 30 carbs and the next day eating and testing the same time my bg will be 197. I am trying to do everything right and I'm learning so much from you. Thanks for your help. I don't have any one else to ask. Ann

Lari Tanner said...

Hi Alan,

I was diagnosed three months ago, and have been learning as I go. I was gestationally diabetic with my last two pregnancies so I knew it was coming, but hoping it wouldn't. Now that I have it, I am dealing with it and trying to do my part to get better and control my blood glucose levels. I found your comment on the ADA Forum about the Dr. Julian Whitaker whom I had inadvertantly stumbled onto, and wanted to know if my instincts about him were true, and to my way of thinking they were, he's a quack. But, I found your suggestions of Jenny Ruhl and Gretchen Becker's books sound and good advice. I have them on order now and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. Thank you for offering their books and I'm glad I found you and others battling this same disease. It's nice to know that we are not alone, and it's great to get advice and encouragement from those like yourself who have the experience that we newly diagnosed need so much!


Lari from Texas!

Athena M said...


Your words of advice have been kind, forthright, humorous and full of real-life information. I am SO grateful that you were there as a resource on the ADA boards from my very first "pre-diabetic" question. With your firm encouragement and the others on the board, I bought myself a glucose meter, used it almost painlessly from the beginning and knew just what to aim for as I adjusted my diet and life. Without your comments, I think I might have gone for years without making any significant changes in my lifestyle until it was almost too late. My doctor now says I am the most successful patient she has ever had at changing her life for the better, and you were really the one responsible for that.


brown.ruth said...

Hi Alan, I have been searching to find someone who can help me. I read your blog. It would make an excellent book for everyone with diabetes. When you write your book, I still hope you will keep adding to your blog.

I was diagnosed with diabetes 12 years ago. They did the test to rule it out. I had none of the symptoms. I do not know how long I had it before they tested me.

I am allergic to all of the medicines. I am on diet and exercise. The diet part is not easy. That is my main problem.

Google got my name wrong. I am Ruth Brown. It is nice to meet you Alan. I will be coming here often.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just stumbled across this blog, i am in the UK and am awaiting a glucose tolerance test due to elevated bg levels.
I recently bought a bg monitor and this blog has helped me understand the readings, i thought that because my levels were coming down after meals it was ok for them to go high.. apparently not, weetabix and a small slice of wholemeal toast gave me a reading of 198, i now realise i need to avoid these foods and try to keep them steady. I will prob go back to my low carb way of life, this is an experiment.. thanks for clearing things up.. Marilyn

sam500016 said...

Alan's posts in the ADA message boards and his perceptive comments in this blog have helped me a great deal in coping with the beast.Thanks

Ruth Brown said...

Hi Alan, have you started writing your book? You have given me invaluable information.

I have started exercising more. The last 2 days I have walked 4 miles and plan to keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Wow!, I've just stumbled upon your site! What amazing information! I'd always had a problem with high BS levels in the morning, also with exercising. I hadn't had any insite from the clinic or Dr. I'd never heard of Dawn Phenonomen. Also I'd never heard of anyone else having trouble after exercising. I'm so glad to see that I'm not this anomoly. What a help you've been. Thank you so much. I've been on Metformin for 8 yrs. had no problems and for the past month I've been suffering with stomach nasea and diarreha. My Dr. said recent studies have shown that Metformin can cause those types of side effects even if you've been taking it for years. He told me to come of the Metformin and see him in 2 wks. So I did for one week and my BM's were normal. But my BS Levels went really high like 17! So one night I took my normal dose of Metformin and ended up having a very intense reaction... back to the stomach nausea,lower abdominal pain, diarreha etc. I missed work... so I wont be going back on it! However I still have to wait a week to see the Dr. as he's away. A bit concerned at this point, but you've given me some very sensible diet information that I will now try to control my BSL with while I wait to go back to the DR. Thank you.

Bonita said...

HI Alan. I just stumbled upon your site on the Dlife forum. I guess you or someone responded to a post with a link to your site. Wow! What an amazing info filled site! I've been Diabetic for 10 yrs, on Metformin for 8 yrs, on slow release insulin at night for 6 months. And never have I seen better information Thank you!
For the past 1 1/2 months I've experienced stomach nausea and watery bowel movements. Went to the Dr. to check out what I thought was a reaccuring ulcer problem...Dr. suggested it could be a reaction to Metformin? I wasn't sure, but decide to go with him on this for a period to 2 wks. Came off the metformin and within 24 hrs no nausea or dirreha? My BS obviously went up (17mmol) So after a wk decided to take my normal dosage of Metformin one night...within 6 hrs I was in extreme discomfort! intense nausea, and sever and I mean sever diarreha all night! So, now I'm convinced it is a reaction to the Met. Unfortunately, my Dr. is away and I can't get to see him for another wk. but you can be sure I wont take another Met. But, thankfully I've read a multitude of information and diet advise which I will be using to bring down my BS levels. I've never understood my FBSL (fasting blood sugar levels) as they have always been high upon waking and morning exercise. Dietitians,Clinics, Dr.'s etc. have never been able to explain it to me. Until I read about "dawn phenonemon" on your site? You've made me realize that I'm not such an anomaly as I thought! If you have any insight on my sudden Metformin reaction, please let me know. Thanks for your down to earth lay persons language approach on this terrible disease so many of us unfortunately share.

Ruth said...

Bonita, that is what I like about Alan's website. His language is down to earth. He makes it so we can understand and learn. I have learned from Alan and I think everyone else has.

Tony said...

I have gained a lot from reading Alan's posts, especially about how to interpret BG readings and what targets to set. His practical posts about seemingly simple things like when to take readings after meals and how to do the tests with minimal pain are also very valuable and written from a layman's perspective.

I have also found him very responsive to queries that are a bit too specific to post on general websites such as these and would be fascinated to read any book he cooses to write on this subject.