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Saturday, August 14, 2021

How Many Grams of Carbs Per Day Should I Eat?

How many carbs? What are the limits?

Now that the diabetes world has begun to wake up to the fact that type 2 diabetes is a condition of flawed carbohydrate tolerance I see this question repeatedly on forums and reddit. The time has come to make a brief but clear statement on that subject. 

It is per meal which matters, not per day. Your blood glucose rises and falls after every meal or snack containing carbohydrates. Your blood glucose is not stored up for one big spike at the end of the day. 

My meter used at my peak after eating guided me to these personal per meal limits:

  • Breakfast: <10gms carb
  • Lunch: <15gms carb
  • Dinner: 40gms+ carb
  • Snacks: the same as the previous meal but not more than 15gm.

But those are just my personal limits. Every type 2 has slightly different levels of insulin resistance, first phase insulin response, levels of fitness, other health problems, signalling flaws for glycogen release, dietary limitations, the list goes on. Therefore your limits will be different to mine. 

Discover them using this technique at your peak timing after meals: Test, Review, Adjust


Yenyok said...

This blog was suggested to me in the ADA T2D chat ,thanks a lot for sharing, this blog is saving me of too many issues. Plz, keep sharing.

Anthony said...

Great blog. Thanks for the info. Recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic and have been told and read such conflicting things. What kinds of things do you eat for snacks.

Alan said...

This is my post on snacks: http://loraldiabetes.blogspot.com/2008/11/snacks.html One of my present favourites is a chunk of celery with peanut butter spread in the channel.

Jay said...

I love the info you shared above. I came here across a diabetes-reversal question asked on quora.

Marina said...

Funny how different we all are. I am in the minority who can tolerate extra carbs much more in the morning. If I eat the same amount at dinner my blood sugar will stay high for hours, whereas in the morning it lowers fairly quickly. (I am pre-diabetic on no meds.) I wonder what mediates this difference. I have never been able to find much info on this.