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Sunday, December 28, 2008


I find it inspirational to read the success stories that others post in the various forums I read. Some are spectacular, some seem ordinary until you read between the lines to see the courage, determination and character that led to success. To me they are all illustrations of ordinary people who have decided to become extraordinary when they decided to take charge of their own future. I posted these stories previously:

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Here is another, from nanna2six. That nick implies lots of other happy stories too. She originally posted this on the ADA Forum.

I would be delighted to help someone else.

When I was diagnosed in April 2008, I wasn't sure where to start. I went in for my annual exam, on a Friday, on the following Tuesday the nurse called and said I needed to repeat my glucose test because it was a "little high". I said how high? She said 289. I repeated the fasting glucose, I work at a hospital, so this time I had the blood drawn there (to keep from missing so much work), it came back 269, the nurse called again and said the doctor wants to see you Friday morning. I already knew, so I was sort of prepared (not really) but as much as possible.

I give credit to my doctor because he took quite a bit of time going over things with me. He started me on Metformin 500 mg, over the next few weeks, he increased it until I am now taking Met 500 mg with breakfast, and Met 1000 mg with dinner. So over that first week end...I was lost.

The only thing I didn't agree with my doctor about was that he told me that until I went to Diabetes Education class...I could drop by the office once a week and have my finger stuck??? I bought a meter on Saturday morning. By Saturday evening I had found this message board...but because I had been all over the internet, I couldn't remember how to get back to it. So it took me a couple of days to find it again.

I started reading and I have been reading since then. I am by nature a quiet person...I listen more than I talk. From reading, I learned to start MOVING! I get to work 30 minutes early...so instead of reading...I started walking. My first attempt was this big hill, it took me about 3 days before I could get all the way to the top LOL, then I stopped noticing the hill and I started going around the block, I am now at eight blocks before work. I also walk at lunch time, my lunch is usually something that I can carry, don't need a knife or fork kind of meal, then I walk about 7 blocks to the bus stop after work. NO, I don't walk after I get home.

But the most drastic change is what I eat. In my D class, I was given a meal plan that said I could have 60 carbs a meal (NOT!). From THIS BOARD and the people here, I learned that I had to find out what my body could handle and it was not 60 carbs a meal. I eat approx 15 plus for breakfast. I didn't use to eat breakfast at all, but since I had meds to take, and I was told I need breakfast I do. At lunch and dinner I eat between 30 at the most 45 (not too often) of carbs. I drink lots of water.

I have lost 26 lbs, since April, but 36 lbs total since my last Dr visit which was for an unrelated issue in October 2007. I would love to help someone. I don't want to forget to say that the only way to find out how food effected me was to test almost all the time. I wasn't told that in D class either...just to test as soon as I got up each morning, nothing about before and after meals.

I have a friend that is also D, but she is totally noncompliant...does not care. I just thought that if I can't help her, and I see her most days....but I will become more active on the boards. I hope this tells you a little more about me.

Thanks for your permission to post another inspirational story, nanna2six. I'm sure that you have already helped others.

Cheers, Alan

Everything in Moderation - Except Laughter


Margie's Musings said...

My husband is doing well, thanks to all your advice. He has never got his glucose down to anything under 132 though, no matter how religious he is about it.

The evening of Christmas it was 285. He had had a fruit salad and a glass of wine and I don't know what caused it. He had no potatoes and no dressing and no rolls. He had ham, fruit salad, and broccoli/cauliflower veggies.

The next morning though, it was down to 139.

Pubsgal said...

Thanks for reposting these links! Very inspiring stories. I had seen Jennifer's advice (thank goodness!) shortly after diagnosis back in June, and fortunately my story is turning out good, too. LuckyKat's story really got to me; never want my husband or kids asking the "why the Twinky over me?" question.

Trevor said...

Who is aalan and how do i reply. How do I connect to my own conversations. i ned advice on how to use this blog properly. Help

Alan said...


Click on the pic at the top and you'll see who I am.

I don't really use the comments much as a to-fro conversation. If you want to contact me direct write to loralgt at gmail dot com. Or subscribe to the ADA Forum at http://community.diabetes.org/n/pfx/forum.aspx?nav=messages&webtag=adatype2 and you'll find me there.

Alan said...

Trevor, I just noticed you are from the UK. You will also find me on the UK Diabetes Support Forum at http://www.diabetes-support.org.uk/forum/Blah.pl?