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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Food and Recipes


Opinions on Diet Items

Cinnamon, Spices, Herbs and Similar
Eggs, Carbs and Cholesterol
Are Carbs Really Necessary?
Banting's Diet
It Must Be OK - It's Sugar-Free! Wrong!
What is a Balanced Diet For a Type 2 Diabetic?
Comments and Tips

Cooking as a Survival Skill
Thanksgiving and other Feasts
What to Eat at First
Eating Out
The Price of Eating Healthy
Analysis of a Day's Meals
Analysis of a Day's Meals, Day 2
Travelling With Type 2
Food, Farmers and Factories
I'm Type 2! What Should I Eat?
Catering For Different Tastes When Cooking

Kitchen Tips

Kitchen Essentials: Steamer Saucepan


Red, Red Wine
Wine and Serendipity

General Recipes

Stir-Fry and Salad Mix
Chili Crab
Psyllium, Fibre, Muesli and Nuts
Low Carb Crustless Quiche


Breakfast On The Run
Stuffed Mushrooms
(also see quiche above)


Hearty Vegetable Soup
Simple Low Carb Soups I - Mushroom
Simple Low Carb Soups II - Asparagus


Cheesy Guacamole Dip

Casseroles and Stews

Breakfast Stew, Low Carb
Beef Burgundy
Sweet Curry
Ki Si Ming
Serendipitous Cajun Chicken
Slow Cooked Beef Brisket

Pasta and Sauces

Napoli Sauce
Pizza with Minimal Carbs
Konjac and Shiritaki Noodles


Small New York Baked Low Carb Cheesecake
Large New York Baked Low Carb Cheesecake

Check back regularly - the list will gradually grow.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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Call Bob said...

I just got the call, "you are a diabetic" the nurse scared me to death. After being persistent I was able to see my doctor this morning he expained that I am at the early stages. He said on a scale of 1 to 10 I am a .50. I did the fast test and it came in a little high. I picked up my test kit this morning, I am to test my self every morning untill January the 29th, then go back for a Doctor visit. He has me signed up for an education class in a few weeks at our local hospital. I am 49 and went in for a routine, pre 50, check up. He thinks with proper diet and exercise that my diabetes will be manageable. I am 6'2" 260lbs. and amvery active. My passion is cooking, eating and enjoying family and friends. I have spend and hour or so looking at all the information you have provided. I appreciate all your hard work and your obvious concerne for other people. I am from Alabama would like to Thank you. My biggest concerne, is coming up with a meal plan and how to still be able to drink wine, beer and alcohal sociably. Any advise would be greatfull. Call Bob!!

Alan said...

G'day Bob

Nice to meet you. I think you can test a little more often than your doc recommends. Take his suggestions as a minimum, not a maximum, and read my page titled "Test, Review, Adjust".

I think you'll like "Red, Red, Wine" on this page too.

Cheers, Alan

Anonymous said...

hi, my boyfriend has type 2 diabetes and was recently diagnosed. He is a powerlifter (lifts tons of weight and competes), he is 47. He is always tired and exhausted and needs tons of sleep and i'm not sure if this is related to his low-carb diet (resulting from his recent diagnosis) or side effect from his medication. any thoughts?

Alan said...

It's not really possible to diagnose the cause of his fatigue form that description, nor am I qualified to do so. He really should discuss that with his doctor.

However, one of my own symptoms when my blood glucose levels were high after meals was lethargy and drowsiness. It certainly would not hurt him to do some extra testing to see what is happening. As well as suggestihng he see his doc, ask him to read http://loraldiabetes.blogspot.com/2006/10/test-review-adjust.html